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Camden Family Health operates three convenient locations throughout the Mountain Lake Region of West Virginia in an effort to meet patients' basic medical needs close to home. 

The mission of Camden-on-Gauley Medical Center, Central West Virginia Community Health Center, and Webster County School-Based Community Health Center is to provide access to sustainable, quality, primary healthcare for the diverse citizens of our community.

Instead of spending hours on the road, consider visiting one of our nearby locations. Our team of dedicated and compassionate professionals are in your area and understand your needs. We are your neighbors.

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We focus on:
  • Affordability
  • Compassion
  • Flexibility
  • Wellness
  • Un-met Needs
  • Education
  • Collaboration
Welcome aboard, Glade Elementary School-Based Health Center!
This SBHC serves both Glade Elementary and Middle Schools in Webster County. It currently provides primary care services to both schools and the community, and its sponsoring agency is working to expand to provide oral health services as well. Congratulations to Camden Family Practice and its school health staff, including CEO Meg Hickey and School Health Coordinator, Melissa Rogers. This is Camden Family Practice’s second SBHC; they are working to open new centers in Lewis, Nicholas and Webster Counties. 

Currently, there are 91 SBHCs serving 112 schools in 32 counties.